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Japanese Chisels

What Are Japanese Chisels?

Japanese chisels are tools used for carving or making mortises in wood. The type we make is designed to be struck with a hammer on the back of the handle where a hoop is located.

At Kakuri, our Japanese chisels are manufactured by joining soft and hard steel, making it easy to sharpen and providing a durable cutting edge. We also make Western-style chisels entirely of steel (zenkou).

Our chisels are available individually and in sets....

Useful tips for Using Japanese Chisels

Japanese vs Western Chisels: Key Features & Differences Explained

Bench Chisels That Hold Their Edge

Featuring a razor-sharp, durable chisel blade made with Japanese high-carbon steel and a heavy-duty Japanese oak handle that offers excellent wear resistance from repeated blows with a hammer, our traditional Japanese bench chisels, or oire nomi, are designed to meet the everyday demands of your workshop.

The chamfered blade provides less resistance than Western chisels, which makes it easier to achieve professional results.

Experience a Tradition of Excellence

Kakuri tools are manufactured by master craftsmen using high-grade materials. We continue to plan, develop, and carry out product tests in our factory. This enables us to quickly incorporate innovative new ideas from our craftsmen, further ensuring our commitment to producing only the highest quality products.