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Japanese Pull Saws

What Is a Japanese Traditional-Style Pull Saw?

Japanese pull saws are known for their long handles and teeth stamped out and sharpened on the edge of a thin sheet of steel. Many woodworkers feel that the pull-stroke design makes cutting wood and metal easier and smoother than Western-style saws.

Japanese saws cut the material, not with a pushing force but a pulling force. Since the special teeth maximize the pulling force through the wood, the saw cuts more accurately with less pressure.

The tooth pitch is designed to enable efficient woodworking by matching the direction of the wood grain....

There are two types of saw teeth:

• Rip cut teeth for cutting along the grain
• Crosscut teeth for cutting across the grain

At Kakuri, we offer ryoba saws (combination rip and crosscut saws), kataba saws (single-sided saws without a back), folding saws, and specialty saws.

Recommended Product

Gikou One Touch Spare Blade Type Ryoba Saw 240mm

This is a great all-around saw:

• Easy one-touch blade replacement
• Traditional double-edged saw with two types of blades: rip cut and crosscut
• 240 mm length, sufficient for a variety of woodworking tasks

Guide to Choosing a Japanese Saw

Versatile Pull Saws for Woodworking, Crafting, and Carpentry

Don’t compromise precision, durability, and comfort because of your tool budget. We offer a variety of affordable Japanese pull saws that can meet the unique demands of your workshop. Every saw blade is made with high-carbon tool steel that goes through an impulse hardening process to achieve excellent sharpness and durability.

Our lightweight pull saws require less force than Western push saws. By cutting on the pull stroke, the blade does not need as much rigidity (blade thickness). This results in a thinner kerf, less arm fatigue, and improved precision, no matter your experience with woodworking.

Experience a Tradition of Excellence

Kakuri tools are manufactured by master craftsmen using high-grade materials. We continue to plan, develop, and carry out product tests in our factory. This enables us to quickly incorporate innovative new ideas from our craftsmen, further ensuring our commitment to producing only the highest quality products.