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Beyond Boxes Customer Story:"The Best Decision Anyone Can Make"

Owner: Abid
Location: Gurgaon, India
Website: Beyond Boxes

Kakuri is not only a company that makes quality carpentry tools. Once you become a wholesale partner, you are like one of the family. We sat down with Abid, owner of Beyond Boxes, to find out why he recommends Kakuri product distribution and uses them in his workshops. To him, it’s the “best decision anyone can make.”

About Abid and Beyond Boxes

Abid, the owner of Beyond Boxes, has been in the woodworking business for over 30 years. Ever since his uncle gave him a small set of tools for his 15th birthday, he’s enjoyed working with his hands—seeing ordinary things turn into something usable. He developed a passion for DIY that he then channeled into teaching woodworking classes for the last eight years. Now, in addition to teaching tennis, he spends a good 20-24 hours a week in his workshop doing what he loves most.

“I started teaching because I wanted to help develop the DIY culture in India. That's one of the big reasons I started tool import. It was to help my fellow woodworkers get quality tools here in India.”

Beyond Boxes is known for being the top box maker in the country. Created only a year and a half ago, he uses the website as a means for customers to get in contact with him about the products he makes, the tools he sells, and his woodworking classes.

Why Kakuri? Their Values “Match Mine”

Abid fell in love with the Kakuri brand story. In its early days, Kakuri helped Japanese people rebuild their homes after the war by distributing small woodworking kits to those in need. Community building is a value that both he and Kakuri hold dear.

Abid shares that “in our generation, working with hands is sometimes looked down upon, but the joy of making things with your own hands is something I want to share. It’s important to change the stereotype and help children grow up to be better people. Making things yourself gives you an appreciation for the quality of the tools you are using, the things you have, and the people who make them.”

He felt Kakuri would understand him more than another big dealer. “They don’t only deal—they use the tools they sell, which is unusual for big sellers. It’s really important to know your tools and be able to explain how to use them.”

Since working with Kakuri, he has already been surprised by the level of support he received getting set up.

Kakuri Delivers Consistent Quality

Abid shared that the tools are great value for the money—they’re in the mid-level price range, but the quality is high and consistent, which is great for a market like India. “My customers really enjoy the tools they have bought from me… and I get a lot of respect for the way I sell them… Customer reactions have been very good. People are very happy with the quality and price at which we offer Kakuri tools.”

Doing business with Kakuri is the first time he has worked with a big international brand. While Abid has worked with a variety of Japanese and Indian domestic tools, the quality of Kakuri’s tools is “above anything I’ve used in the past. Japanese hand planes and hammers are something my clients have never had experience with before and they love them. They’re getting something different for the first time and liking what they’re tasting.”

Students Prefer Japanese Tools 99% of the Time

He gives his beginner students a choice of which tools they want to use—Western or Japanese. 99% of the time, he says, they choose the Japanese tools. Japanese tools have been particularly useful to his students in finishing their craft projects.

How Kakuri is Helping My Business

Kakuri is his first glimpse into the world of big-time tool selling. Since he began distributing in February 2022, he has been struggling to keep up with demand! Despite being such a young website, Beyond Boxes ranked #3 in Google (at the time of writing this article) for Japanese tools after going into business with Kakuri, and he’s taken on a partner to help him expand his business and keep up with orders.

Treated Like Family

Abid uses a third-party marketing company to help with import licensing. He said that when the time came to put a partner name on the Kakuri website, Kakuri insisted on adding Beyond Boxes rather than the big-name marketing company.

They told me I was the real face of India. They protected my interests rather than those of the bigger company… and always offered to help. They went a long way in my professional opinion… [and] made me feel like part of the Kakuri family.

Takuya Watanabe

Abid is the risk-taker and pioneer who brought our tools into India. We are grateful and have profound respect for him for taking such a courageous step. The transaction amount means very little in comparison.

Our company's management philosophy is "to provide a richer life through our tools," meaning we strive to enhance the lives of everyone associated with our tools—from the users, and manufacturers, to distributors.

We hope our tools will continue to serve Abid and his customers as they venture on this journey of growth.

My Experience Selling Kakuri Products

India is a growing market for DIY crafts and tools. At the moment, Beyond Boxes caters mainly to DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists—people who like to do woodworking in their spare time. Enthusiasts will have the means and drive to buy and use Kakuri products, especially during and after the Covid pandemic. “When things finally started to open back up, this became a huge plus,” he says.

Abid expects this to get much bigger in the coming years. 

His customers are thrilled with the quality and price, and he says the Kakuri team “has helped in every way possible to make my tool-selling experience amazing.”

Future Plans for Kakuri

Abid is already getting inquiries from bonsai enthusiasts and is testing out some specialty tools—his customers are always eager to see what he brings in next! He is also considering expanding to Amazon India in the future.

Abid’s Message to Future Sellers

“The quality of the tools is consistent, great for the price, and a great entry point into the Japanese woodworking industry. Nobody else is selling Japanese tools in India, and the potential market here is huge.”

To all business owners considering doing business with Kakuri, Abid says, “Don’t think, go ahead! It’s not only about the quality of the tools, but how the company treats you. Starting with Kakuri tool distribution is the best decision anyone can make.”

Take Abid up on his advice! Check out our wholesale page to find out how your business can benefit from selling Kakuri tools in your area.