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Right-Hand Kiridashi Knife Bend Type - Hand Forged 12mm

・The blade is made of cutlery steel using a traditional forging method, and is characterized by its tenacity, resistance to chipping, and ease of sharpening.
・By not attaching a handle, you can directly feel the sensation of cutting by hand.

Overall Length (mm):180
Blade Width(mm):45
Weight (g):32

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Simple yet Versatile Japanese Woodworking Knives

Featuring a durable, razor-sharp cutting edge made with Japanese high-carbon steel, our Japanese kiridashi and carving knives will become essential tools in your workshop or outdoor kit. Each knife not only meets our exacting standards in quality, but also offers balance and beauty provided through the adept skills of our Japanese master craftsmen.

Our single-beveled kiridashi is an excellent choice as your go-to marking or carving knife and is often used as a more reliable replacement to disposable utility knives. It requires less power, resulting in exceedingly smooth and accurate cutting and a finished surface that is clean because of the blade’s sharpness.

Experience a Tradition of Excellence

Kakuri tools are manufactured by master craftsmen using high-grade materials. We continue to plan, develop, and carry out product tests in our factory. This enables us to quickly incorporate innovative new ideas from our craftsmen, further ensuring our commitment to producing only the highest quality products.