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375g Genno Hammer - Round Black - Double-wedge

  • Quality Japanese steel
  • Comfortable oak handle
  • Versatile dual-face design
  • Heavy-duty double wedge
  • Made in Japan

This round, dual-head genno hammer features a flat striking face and a slightly convex striking face to provide greater versatility. By starting the nail with the flat face and then finishing with the convex face, you can avoid damaging the wood’s surface. It is also an excellent tool for striking Japanese chisels or adjusting and setting a Japanese hand plane.

The comfortable oak handle is secured to the hammer head using a wooden and iron wedge hammered in a cross pattern that keeps the head and handle firmly fixed.

Recommended Uses
  • Chiseling
  • Adjusting and setting hand plane
  • Nailing

Overall Length: 328mm (12.9")
Weight: 488g (17.2 oz)
Head Length: 93mm (3.7")
Head Width: 31mm (1.2")
Head Weight: 375g (13.2 oz)

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