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Pull Saw with One-Touch Blade Replacement for Bamboo

・This is a saw with a replaceable blade that can be replaced with one-touch action.
・The blade is specially designed for horizontal grinding of bamboo. The sharp cutting edge captures and cuts through the hard fibers of bamboo.
・Case for protection is included.

Overall Length (mm):360
Blade Length(mm):210

Kerf Width:0.8mm(0.031")

Blade Thickness:0.6mm(0.024")
Weight (g):168

Ships within 5 business days.

Series Features

Different blades for different uses

By replacing the dedicated blade, you can cut and process a variety of materials.

One-touch Blade Replacement

The lever on the back is for attaching and detaching the blade. It can be easily removed by simply triggering the bar, and when it is tipped down, the blade locks securely.

Easy-to-Use Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomically curved, non-slip rubber handle is easy to grip and applies force for efficient cutting.

Razor Sharp & Durable Japanese Steel Blade

Razor-sharp steel blade realizes smooth cutting. Also, the blade is processed impulse hardening for long-lasting sharpness.

Versatile Pull Saws for Woodworking, Crafting, and Carpentry

Don’t compromise precision, durability, and comfort because of your tool budget. We offer a variety of affordable Japanese pull saws that can meet the unique demands of your workshop. Every saw blade is made with high-carbon tool steel that goes through an impulse hardening process to achieve excellent sharpness and durability.

Our lightweight pull saws require less force than Western push saws. By cutting on the pull stroke, the blade does not need as much rigidity (blade thickness). This results in a thinner kerf, less arm fatigue, and improved precision, no matter your experience with woodworking.