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Spare Blade for Sakura handle Dozuki Saw 210mm


・Dozuki saw blade replacement for Sakura handle.
・Easily replaceable with a coin or screwdriver.
※Please note that screws and handles are not included with this product.

Blade : High Carbon steel

Overall Length (mm):
Blade Length(mm):210

Kerf Width:0.26mm(0.001")

Blade Thickness:0.2mm
Weight (g):

Ships within 5 business days.

Ultra-precision saw blade

There are not many factories in Japan that can achieve stable technology and quality control of ultra-fine blades with a TPI of 33.5 on a 0.2 mm thick blade.
The fine blade ensures smooth cutting with less snagging and sharpness.

Specially made handle

The handle is made of Japanese wild cherry wood, which has been used for furniture in Japan.
It is a gem, carefully polished one by one by Japanese wood craftsmen.
The surface finish is polished with beeswax, and the more you use it, the more it will become your own unique piece.