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Wood Carving Knife Set -AOGAMI(Blue Paper Steel) #2 -7 Piece


Japanese carving tool set ideal for wood carving, linocutting, and printmaking. Seven different blades allow for a variety of carving.

The blade is made of professionally forged Japanese carbon steel (AOGAMI Blue Paper No. 2), with a high hardness over HRC60, allowing smooth wood carving with light force.

 For professional use, the blade is well forged throughout and inserted in the handle. Even if the blade gets shortened after sharpening, you can carve the handle and use the blade to the end.


Overall Length (mm):chisel flat , chisel skew , u gouge , v gouge , scoop spoon u gouge 210mm(8.2") ,u gouge 200mm(7.8") ,shallow u gouge (8.4")

Blade Width(mm):chisel flat (9mm), chisel skew (9mm), u gouge (3mm), u gouge (9mm), v gouge (6mm), shallow u gouge (12mm), scoop spoon u gouge (9mm)

Weight (g):256g(9.0oz)

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