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Wood Carving Knife Set -5 Piece


・A set of five frequently used graving knives.
●Set includes:
・Flat blade 7mm
・Right oblique blade 7mm
・Triangular blade 4mm
・Round blade 3mm
・Round blade 6mm
Blade: Carbon steel for cutting
Handle: Wood (magnolia)

Overall Length (mm):180

Blade Width(mm):3~7

Weight (g):185

Ships within 5 business days.

Sharp Japanese Steel Blade

Japanese carbon steel blade cuts wood smoothly and precisely. Ideal for fine carving and precision cutting.

Quality steel blade is easy for beginners to sharpen and maintain sharpness. A small whetstone is included.

VARIOUS BLADE TYPES SET: The blades are set of 5 shapes.

Flat blade 7mm(Chisel flat)

Large chisel skew (7mm)

Right oblique blade 7mm(Large chisel skew)

Triangular blade 4mm(Triangle V gouge)

Round blade 3mm(Small U gouge)

Round blade 6mm(Medium U gouge)